Microbes are combined with micronutrients to balance nutrition and maximize growth potential.

CropPro+™ is our CropPro™ formula with foliar micronutrient additives to give crops the extra boost they may need under cool wet, and hot dry conditions.

Applications and Uses

All row and forage crops

CropPro+™  stimulates the growth of root systems and helps release soil nutrients. This specialized “Team” of viable microbes manufacture enzymes (catalysts) that improve natural nitrogen fixation, and are able to release (solubilize) phosphate from old fertilizer and mineral sources. Various microbes in the blend make root growth stimulants and form various amino acids / proteins designed to feed and communicate messages to plants and plant roots. The host of benefits derived from this natural biochemistry is very diverse! The goal, however, is very simple. It is to improve sustainability naturally and reduce the environmental impact associated with over applying N,P, and K. In addition, improving plant growth, plant productivity, and soil condition (tilth) are the direct by-products of using CropPro+™ . The Best In Class product represents some of the most up to date technology on the market today.


  • When used foliar, provides nutrients and microbes that lead to an improved condition in the biofilm of the leaf.
  • Phosphate-solubilizing microbes and nitrogen fixing microbes that improve the ability of the soil to provide extra nutrition naturally for the developing crop.
  • Better plant resistance, increased water retention, greater fertilizer efficiency, and enhanced nutrient availability.
  • Enhanced growth of leaves and canopy closure, larger diameter stems, and bigger root systems, leading to healthier plants higher yields.
  • Improves the health and appearance of crops while increasing yield.
  • Improved nutrient release and uptake.
  • Improved natural chelation of soil nutrients.
  • Increased Yields and Excellent Return on Investment.
  • When washed from the leaf to the soil, CropPro+™ activates native soil organisms, increases metabolic activity of soil microorganisms, enhanced nutrient availability, and better crop resilience.
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CoreBiologic™ CropPro+™ assures no harm to the natural environment from unrecognized DNA. CropPro+™ contains food for the microbes to allow them to establish in the soil and the rhizosphere. The components in CropPro+™ synergize the interactions between beneficial bacteria and fungus to do their best work. CropPro+™ is comprised of over 25 microbial strains made up of 15 species from 8 different genera.
  • Assists in the breakdown of complexed fertilizer compounds that increase uptake into the plant, thus preventing excessive runoff into sensitive bodies of water.
  • Improves the tilth of the soil, and easy, direct foliar application or in-furrow at planting.
  • Dramatically increases plant health during draught conditions.
  • Also stimulates root growth when applied as foliar.
  • In legume crops, it improves nodulation and nodulation efficiency.
  • Includes strains that produce plant growth stimulating hormones.
  • Other strains release compounds that help capture iron that can become available to the plants.
  • Easy, direct foliar application or in-furrow at planting.
  • Not genetically modified.
  • Free-living nitrogen fixing microbes that bring atmospheric nitrogen into the rhizosphere (root area) where it can become available to the plants.
  • Several strains that can digest typically indigestible plant residue that can be put back into the rhizosphere to support the growth of the microbial community.

Plots of beans with CropPro+™ based starter treatment resulted in 10-20 bushel per acre INCREASE.

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CoreBiologic™ CropPro+™ can be used across a wide range of agricultural settings. The product is also versatile in the way it can be applied, by use in hand sprayers, large volume crop sprayers, and is safe to use in planting equipment. These options allow the grower the freedom needed in such a demanding industry.
  • For best results, apply in-Furrow with seed at a rate of 16-32oz. per acre. Follow up with CropPro Jump™ as a foliar with spring applied herbicide and insecticide programs.
  • Applications can be made in-row at beginning of growing seasons 16-32oz. per acre.
  • Foliar application rates are recommended at 16-32oz. of CropPro+™ per 10-20gal. of water per acre.
  • Can be applied as a Premix with chemicals of fertilizers and compatible with most agricultural products if mixed just in time.
  • CropPro+™ can also be used as a pre plant incorporated or pre emergence soil spray at the rate of 32oz. per acre.
  • Can be used in post emergent pesticide. If adjuvants/surfactants are recommended, reduce adjuvant recommendation use by 50%.