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Natural microbes are combined with micronutrients to balance nutrition for a luscious garden.

In a gallon of GardenPro+™, trillions of microbes are combined with a selection of micronutrients that will help your garden reach its full potential. Natural microbes are selected for their capabilities to provide superior plant health and production through enhanced rhizosphere activity and bio-stimulation of plants. GardenPro+™ is safe, natural, and NOT genetically modified.


Applications and Uses

Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Shrubs, Trees, Fruit bearing trees, Herbs and Spices, and House plants

GardenPro+™ is our GardenPro™ formula with additional foliar nutritional additives to give garden plants the extra boost they may need under cool wet, and hot dry conditions. GardenPro+™ is a complex solution of beneficial microbes and micronutrients designed to increase the health and size of garden blooms.

GardenPro+™ stimulates the growth of root systems and helps release soil nutrients for rigorous plant uptake. Larger foliage, improved soil and plant productivity and a reduction of extraneous inputs are the direct result with improved economics for the grower. It’s ideal for flowers, garden plants, vegetables, house plants, shrubs and trees. Use it and you’ll be amazed by your garden’s beauty and bounty.


  • Better plant resistance, increased water retention, greater fertilizer efficiency, and enhanced nutrient availability.
  • GardenPro+™ activates native soil organisms; increases root activity for larger, stronger root systems, increases metabolic activity of soil microorganisms.
  • When washed from the leaf to the soil, GardenPro+™ activates native soil organisms, increases metabolic activity of soil microorganisms, enhanced nutrient availability, and better plant resilience.
  • When used foliar, provides nutrients and microbes that lead to an improved condition in the biofilm of the leaf.
  • Enhanced growth of leaves and canopy closure, larger diameter stems, and bigger root systems, leading to larger, more colorful blooms on flowers.
  • Improves the health, appearance, and size of blooms, provides exceptional foliar and soil nutrition.

Naturally occurring microbes in GardenPro+™ make it ideal for home grown vegetables and gardens. Plants are able to better utilize, otherwise “locked”, nutrients in the soil and produce larger root systems and foliage.


Nature’s Genius™ GardenPro+™ assures no harm to the natural environment from unrecognized DNA. GardenPro+™ contains food for the microbes to allow them to establish in the soil and the rhizosphere. The components in GardenPro+™ synergize the interactions between beneficial bacteria and fungus to do their best work.
  • GardenPro+™ is a proprietary concentrated blend of over 25 NATURAL strains of beneficial microbes and micronutrients designed to increase the health and size of garden blooms.
  • Assists in the breakdown of complexed fertilizer compounds that increase uptake into the plant, thus preventing excessive runoff into sensitive bodies of water.
  • Dramatically increases plant health during draught conditions.
  • May reduce the volume or dependency on chemical fertilizers.
  • Phosphate-Solubilizing microbes and Nitrogen Fixing microbes reduce fertilizer needs and enhance leaf, flower and fruit production via rhizosphere microbe activities.
  • Easy, direct foliar application. Also stimulates root growth when applied as foliar.
  • Helps release phosphates locked in soils from previous fertilizer applications.
  • Available in containers as small as one quart and as large as 270 gallon totes.


Nature’s Genius™ GardenPro+™ can be used across a wide range of garden settings. The product is also versatile in the way it can be applied, by use in hand sprayers, large volume sprayers, and is safe to use in gardening equipment. These options allow you the freedom needed to create a luscious and vibrant garden.
  • Initial dose, mix 1/2cup GardenPro+ to 1gal. of water, apply to soil with normal watering.
  • For best results, apply early in the day when the temperature is below 80° F.
  • Foliar applications can be made. Use GardenPro+ in spray bottle to apply mist on leaves.
  • Repeat foliar application every 7 to 10 days.
  • GardenPro+™ is available in a wide range of sizes from 16oz. up to 55gal. Additional sizes available, please contact a member of our sales team.