ProducePro Jump™

A premix of natural soil microbes and microbial enzymes to improve soil and plant health for increased yields.

ProducePro Jump™ is a complex solution of natural soil microbes, enzymes, trace elements, vitamins and natural plant extracts designed to create a better environment in the soil while enhancing crop health and tolerance to adverse conditions.

Applications and Uses

Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Herbs, Spices, and Specialty row crops

Natural microbes are selected for their capabilities to provide superior crop health and production through enhanced rhizosphere activity and bio-stimulation of plants. ProducePro Jump™ is safe, natural, and NOT genetically modified.

ProducePro Jump™ is our ProducePro™ formula with additives to give crops the extra boost they may need under nearly all conditions.

ProducePro Jump™ stimulates the growth of root systems and helps release soil nutrients. The growth of the root system is directly reflected in the larger foliage that is produced sooner in the lifecycle of the crop. These natural microbial enzymes and beneficial soil microbes help release soil nutrients, improve plant growth, and improve soil tilth and soil conditions simultaneously.


  • Increases size of root mass and foliage, also improves yields.
  • Better plant resistance, increased water retention, greater fertilizer efficiency, and enhanced nutrient availability.
  • ProducePro Jump™ activates native soil organisms; increases root activity for larger, stronger root systems, increases metabolic activity of soil microorganisms.
  • Microbes that produce plant growth hormones designed to improve root mass and optimize crop performance.
  • Enhanced growth of leaves and canopy closure, larger diameter stems, and bigger root systems, leading to a healthier stand.
  • Improves the health, appearance, and size of crops, provides exceptional foliar and soil nutrition.
  • Helps colonize roots with beneficial organisms and crowd out or exclude pathogenic organisms.

Early treatment with beneficial soil microbes and enzymes is a proven method of decreasing seedling phase time for earlier plant maturity.


CoreBiologic™ ProducePro Jump™ assures no harm to the natural environment from unrecognized DNA. ProducePro Jump™ contains food for the microbes to allow them to establish in the soil and the rhizosphere. The components in ProducePro Jump™ synergize the interactions between beneficial bacteria and fungus to do their best work.
  • ProducePro Jump™ is a proprietary concentrated blend of over 25 NATURAL species of beneficial microbes, enzymes, trace elements, vitamins, and natural plant extracts designed to increase the yield of crops.
  • In legumes, it improves nodulation and nodulation efficiency.
  • Phosphate-Solubilizing microbes and Nitrogen Fixing microbes reduce fertilizer needs and enhance leaf, root and stem production via rhizosphere microbe activities.
  • Dramatically increases plant health during draught conditions.
  • All compounds break down and are used by the soil and plant to prevent runoff or leave-behind.
  • Easy, direct foliar application. Also stimulates root growth when applied as foliar.


CoreBiologic™ ProducePro Jump™ can be used across a wide range of agricultural settings. The product is also versatile in the way it can be applied, by use in hand sprayers, large volume crop sprayers, irrigation systems, and is safe to use in planting equipment. These options allow the grower the freedom needed in such a demanding industry.
  • For best results, preferably apply in-row on seed or in a 2x2 band and follow up with ProducePro+™ or spring applied herbicide and insecticide programs.
  • Applications can be made in-row at 16 oz. to 32 oz. per acre.