An Emerging Leader in Natural Solutions and Science-Based products.

CoreBiologic is a biotechnology company based in Fort Wayne, IN with a focus on developing and marketing innovative products with a naturally occurring foundation and purpose. CoreBiologic works together with scientists who are passionate in their fields of expertise to create these products for a better and more symbiotic solution to many of today’s complex biological needs.

We are an innovative business intent on harnessing the intrinsic power of naturally occurring solutions for use in targeted applications. Our products are utilized in many market segments including Agriculture, Health and Fitness, Household, Environmental, Industrial, Food Processing and Water Treatment. CoreBiologic also offers 100% natural products under its brand name Nature’s Genius.

Our marketing and distribution teams are committed to provide customers with knowledgeable input and efficient delivery of natural products that improve agriculture, our environment, health, water and every day household needs. We believe our success revolves around superior products combined with exceptional service and timely distribution to our customers.