Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil & Gas Industry has evolved immensely since those first extraction rigs, and not just in terms of mechanics, but in biology. In the Oil & Gas Industry, efficiency is crucial. It enables companies to remain competitive as well as gain market share, reduce costs, and even increase margin. While there are many traditional ways to increase efficiency, new technologies and advancements in biology are enabling companies to use special techniques to extend the production life of wells. Not long ago, the oil industry often deemed Enhanced Oil Recovery too expensive for the return, leaving much of a reservoir untapped. Now, there are several methods of EOR and those areas are seeing advancements as well. There is yet another technology which is gaining traction in this highly competitive market, microbes.

These microbes are like those used in the water treatment or agricultural industries. In the oil industry, they can be used in many ways including soil remediation, EOR (known as MEOR), well and tank cleaning, and paraffin reduction. In MEOR, the microbes help to reduce oil viscosity and block preferential water pathways, this allows for new pathways in the reservoir for the water to take, in turn bringing with it oil. Everyone in the industry understands paraffin is a nuisance. It will plug well bores, rock pores and can force wells offline. Any shutdown of a well is costly and paraffin buildup can cause extended shutdowns requiring expensive chemical or hot treatments. The use of microbes can greatly reduce the amount of down time caused by paraffin buildup and in some circumstances, allow for offline wells to produce once again.

As microbes for the oil and gas industry become more mainstream and even common practice, a key principle will remain, efficiency. With a myriad of strains and genera, as well as multiple microbes with similar capabilities for redundancy, our products offer a competitive edge in and around the well.

CoreBiologic offers a suite of natural and safe microbial products formulated to deliver premium results. These formulations, derived from decades of microbial research, contain naturally occurring microbes which have been selected for their special capabilities. The capabilities of these microbes work to fulfill the complex needs of rig maintenance while remaining 100% safe and natural. These proprietary products excel at degrading organics for better environmental harmony.

Paraffin Destroyer™

Oil production platforms can face many obstacles, paraffin being one of them. The key step in the degradation of paraffin contaminants depends on the presence of a multi-component enzyme system found in Paraffin Destroyer™ microorganisms. These optimized microbes are easily applied to the site or spill and digest the paraffin material.


VOC Destroyer™

CoreBiologic has developed microbial blends with special appetites for a variety of contaminants. The success of bioremediation ultimately depends on the presence of capable microorganisms, which can be properly "managed" to utilize their capabilities. VOC Destroyer™ gives those native microorganisms a boost to return the soil to a natural state.

Soil Remedy™

Soil Remedy™ is a blend of microbes with special appetites for a variety of contaminants, encouraging them to work by supplying them with the optimum levels of nutrients and other chemicals essential for their metabolism. Soil remedy™ gives native microorganisms a boost to return the soil to a natural state.