Air Remedy™

Fresh, Viable, and Natural Microbes selected for their capabilities to handle degradation of organics and ability to reduce odor.

In a drop of Air Remedy™, billions of microbes help reduce odor caused by unwanted bacteria. Natural microbes have been selected for their capabilities to provide superior odor control in a variety of environments. Air Remedy™ is safe, natural, and NOT genetically modified.

Applications and Uses

Odor control in landfills, cesspools, garbage trucks, sewage pumpers, receptacles.

Air Remedy™ uses beneficial microorganisms to provide effective odor removal and optimal, long-lasting odor control by capturing and degrading odor-causing organics. Advanced chemistry captures odors for immediate odor control, while beneficial microorganisms degrade the odorous molecules and odor-causing organics. It adds up to immediate and long-lasting odor control that goes beyond masking odors to eliminate them at the source.

CoreBiologic™ Air Remedy™ is a plant-based product that eliminates offensive odors at the source. While many products only mask odors with strong scents, CoreBiologic™ Air Remedy™ actually eats unpleasant odors and breaks them down to odor free substances.


  • Stops odors by eating smelly debris.
  • Captures and degrades odorous molecules and odor-causing organics for long-lasting, in-depth odor control.
  • Enhances long-lasting deep odor control by degrading the residual organics commonly found in garbage and wastewater.
  • Fast odor removal by effective neutralization of a wide range of malodors.
  • Replaces odor creating bacteria with odor eating bacteria.
  • Helps provide in-depth odor control by degrading organics that can lead to odors.


CoreBiologic™ Air Remedy™ assures no harm to the natural environment from unrecognized DNA. The components in Air Remedy™ synergize the interactions between beneficial bacteria to do their best work.
  • Advanced microbial technology for powerful, long-lasting odor control.
  • Trillions of viable cell concentrations per gallon delivered straight from CoreBiologic™ to your location.
  • Beneficial microorganisms improve odor elimination performance by penetrating deep into crevices, to remove odors from virtually any indoor and outdoor receptacles.
  • Non-toxic and easy to apply.
  • Available in range of volumes to meet any need. Containers as small as 1 gallon and as large as 275 gallons.

Air Remedy™ continues to remove odors after the source is gone.


CoreBiologic™ Air Remedy™ can be used across a wide range of settings. The product is also versatile in the way it can be applied. It can be sprayed into waste bins or poured onto problem areas, and is safe to use in all equipment. These options provide the power needed to eliminate those annoying odors.

    Application Rates:

  • Spray lightly over surface as needed to remove odors.
  • For landfills spray as needed with industrial sprayers or existing dust reduction equipment.
  • Add 8 oz. per 2,000 gallon pumper truck after emptying.