CoreBiologic combines the sciences of biology and chemistry to passionately innovate what is essential for a more symbiotic approach to environmental concerns. The company connects science (biological applications) and innovation with the principles of sustainability to help address many of the world's most environmentally challenging problems such as odor control and soil contamination.

At the heart of CoreBiologic is a scientific focus from laboratories in the US and test sites across the globe which enables our customers to do more with fewer inputs for better environmental harmony. Naturally occurring microbes are screened and selected for their special capabilities. These specialty microbes are used to stimulate native microorganisms so air and soil quality can once again be in a positive environmental state.

Air Remedy

Air Remedy™ uses beneficial microorganisms to provide effective odor removal and optimal, long-lasting odor control by capturing and degrading odor-causing organics. Air Remedy™ degrades “common” organics in wastewater, reduction of grease and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) for odor control.

Soil Remedy™

Soil Remedy™ is a blend of microbes with special appetites for a variety of contaminants, encouraging them to work by supplying them with the optimum levels of nutrients and other chemicals essential for their metabolism. Soil remedy™ gives native microorganisms a boost to return the soil to a natural state.