ThatchPro™ reduces thatch for a healthier soil, teaming with beneficial microbial life.

Thatch in lawns is often a misunderstood problem. Contrary to what most people believe, thatch is not just a buildup of grass clippings. Thatch is actually a matted layer of living and dead organic material (roots, stems, runners, clippings) between the green matter and the soil surface. Thatch accumulates as this organic material builds up faster than the natural biological breakdown.

Applications and Uses

All types of lawn and turf with a thatch layer of more than 1/2 inch.

The best way to reduce thatch is to get it to naturally decompose faster via a healthy soil teaming with microbial life. The objective is to create a soil that is well aerated and bioactive. ThatchPro™ microbial blend helps ensure that the specific microbes necessary for thatch decomposition are present and viable in your soil. ThatchPro™ is made up of 29 strains of 100% naturally occurring microbes. Several of these microbes are very effective at degradation of lignin (main reason thatch builds up quicker than it can be broken down) and many of its byproducts. Routine treatment with ThatchPro™ can effectively breakdown thatch and return your lawn to a healthy biological normal thatch layer state.  ThatchPro™ is a natural product, non-toxic, and is safe for humans and animals.


ThatchPro™ dissolves the thatch barrier into the soil releasing nutrients for improved stimulation of root system growth. Reduced thatch also reduces the chances for fungal infections and disease. The growth of the root system is directly reflected in more consistent blade growth and drought resistance.
  • Reduces the thatch layer.
  • Increased organic matter and nutrient release to the soil.
  • Decreased fertilizer and water use.
  • Improves the soil ecology, offering better natural plant health.
  • Degradation of lignin and many of its breakdown products.
  • Reduces and may stop the need for expensive and invasive mechanical dethatching.
All of our ThatchPro™ products can be applied using irrigation systems. A simple supply line to your system is all it takes for a great lawn. 


Nature’s Genius™ ThatchPro™ assures no harm to the natural environment from unrecognized DNA. ThatchPro™ microbes go to work immediately, establishing themselves on the surface of the residue. The components in ThatchPro™ synergize the interactions between beneficial bacteria and fungus to do their best work.
  • ThatchPro™ is a proprietary concentrated blend of over 25 NATURAL microbial strains selected from years of research for their ability degrade thatch and increase the health of turf and lawns.
  • May reduce the volume or dependency on chemical fertilizers.
  • Can be used in conjunction with fertilizers and pesticides
  • Available in containers as small as one quart and as large as 270 gallon totes.
  • Also contains plant friendly mycelial fungi.


Nature’s Genius™ ThatchPro™ can be used across a wide range of lawn and Turf settings and may be blended with fertilizers and pesticides. The product is also versatile in the way it can be applied, by use in hand sprayers, push sprayers, pull behind sprayers, commercial sprayers and automatic irrigation system injection. These options allow the lawn and turf care specialist the freedom needed in such a demanding industry.

    Initial Dose:

  • 1-2 Gallons ThatchPro™ per Acre (43,560 Square feet in an Acre)
  • 3-6oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Maintenance Dose:

  • 1/2 – 1 Gallon ThatchPro™ per Acre
  • (Monthly Application during the lawn/turf care season recommended for optimal results. Apply with sprayer, hose end sprayer, garden sprayer or automatic irrigation system injection.)