Water Treatment

Water treatment is an industry where safe and effective products are imperative. CoreBiologic microbial water treatment products are 100% safe and natural. Through decades of research and dedication, unique blends have been formulated to provide, municipalities and homeowners, solutions for water systems. Beneficial and capable microorganisms have been isolated and selected for their abilities to degrade “common” organics.

Water systems are an integral part of our lives; therefore, it is equally important to keep those systems operating effectively and efficiently. CoreBiologic formulates microbials with micronutrients and penetrants for a more robust and quicker colonization of treated areas. Whether treating tens of millions of gallons a day, beautifying a pond, or simply dealing with a clogged drain, CoreBiologic has the natural viable solution.


AquaticPro™ will break organic fish waste into water-soluble nutrients. The released nutrients are then digested by the microbes, which multiply and produce more enzymes to continue cleaning the entire aquarium and pond.


Muck & Odor Pro™

Designed for Industrial waste sludge and odor control, this highly concentrated living blend of 29 specific types of beneficial bacteria is proven for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, pond sludge reduction, odor control, and reduction of TSS, FOG, BOD and COD.


MuckDown™ dives deep into crevices, penetrating the hard to reach areas with beneficial bacteria. MuckDown™ is available in liquid, spikes, and pucks and offers superior microbes at the highest concentrations to help you enjoy your pond and beach area once again.


SepticPro™ is a versatile, quick acting product that is effective for cleaning organic matter out of water treatment systems. SepticPro™ will remove and emulsify organic matter as well as bio-remediate. SepticPro™ has a versatile formulation to quickly break down organic waste while being safe for the environment.