Beneficial microbes for odor reduction, increased tool and coolant life, decreased disposal requirements, and elimination of harmful biocides.

CoolantPro™ is an all natural active biological mixture with over 20 strains of microbes that reduces odors and increases coolant life. The biological components of CoolantPro™ are specifically selected to breakdown odor causing compounds and out compete odor creating bacteria that cause systems to go rancid. When introducing these beneficial bacteria into your system, CoolantPro™ uses nature to eliminate the use of costly secondary tank systems and harmful biocides.

Applications and Uses

Use in coolant systems and tanks of CNC metal cutting machines, saws, and lathes to reduce odors, increase coolant life, increase tool life, and decrease costs.

These natural, 100% Non-Pathogenic, beneficial bacteria build up a stable biotope so that undesirable bacteria and fungi have no chance of propagation. When unwanted odor causing bacteria and fungi infiltrate the metalworking fluid either through tramp oil, the general environment, or the workpiece. CoolantPro™ reduces their ability to reproduce or spread. This effect controls odors and improves performance.

Uncontrolled growth of unwanted bacteria in conventionally formulated metalworking fluids can cause problems. Those harmful bacteria can break down the cutting fluid itself, reduce its pH value, and cause bad odors. If additional fungal growth is left unchecked, fungi can form large stringy masses which can clog filters and fluid transfer lines, causing poor cooling, and even burning of parts and cutting tools. This is why irritating and costly biocides must to be added to conventional cutting fluids. If biocides are used arbitrarily and bacteria colonies are eliminated or drastically lowered, these fungal colonies will grow rapidly and .

CoolantPro™ is a highly cost effective and safe alternative to biocide systems. With its many benefits and natural approach to common issues in metalworking, CoolantPro™ is a must for all of your coolant and cutting fluid tanks.


  • Reduces Odor.
  • Improves working conditions.
  • Improves tool life and coolant life.
  • Microbes are 100% Non-Pathogenic and do not pose any health concerns.
  • Coolant life increases dramatically, in excess of 100%.
  • Less corrosion due to very limited Hydrogen Sulfide gas.
  • Odor eating microbes remove the odor causing H2S and other irritants from coolant and subsequently from air, clothing, and skin.
  • Creates a healthier environment for employees. Biocides can be hazardous, create rashes and itching, and require special handling and storage.
  • CoolantPro™ also helps with the reduction of organics that can build up in tanks over time.
  • Enhances long-lasting cleaning effects by degrading residual organics after cleaning is complete.
  • No additional disposal requirements.
  • Low cost, easy and safe disposal, all natural.


CoreBiologic™ CoolantPro™ assures no harm to the natural environment from the beneficial microbes. CoolantPro™ contains specialized microbes which allow them to establish in metalworking coolant systems. The components in CoolantPro™ synergize the interactions between the beneficial bacteria, and their environment, to do their best work and extend coolant life and performance.
  • Consortium of over 20 species of microbes selected for their special capabilities.
  • Free of caustics, it will not damage machines pipes, plumbing fixtures, or machine parts.
  • Easy to Use.
  • There are millions and millions of bacteria in each spoonful. In studies, biologists have observed each microbe will eat its weight of waste every 60 seconds. They double in number every 30 minutes, and as they multiply, they will spread throughout the entire system. Seeking out the odor causing chemicals and unwanted waste.
  • Beneficial microorganisms for specialized odor and H2S reduction, digestion of unwanted oils, starches, protein, and cellulose.
  • Available in containers as small as one pint and as large as 275 gallon totes.
Motor oil from petroleum based hydrocarbons are no match for the professional strength concentration of microbes in Oil Destroyer.


CoolantPro™ can be used across a wide range of machining and milling settings. The product is also versatile in the way it can be applied: add to the milling bed or add directly to the coolant or cutting fluid tank, or inject with an automated system. Like our other products, CoolantPro™ is safe for the environment as well as safe to handle and store. These options allow you the freedom needed to maintain your cutting and coolant systems with little effort and less down time.

    Initial Dose:

  • Add 1 pint per 40-50 gallons of fluid per week with 2 ounce of B-Nutrient.
  • B-Nutrient™ must be added with CoolantPro™ as the initial food source for biological reproduction.
  • Maintenance Dose:

  • The maintenance dose is the same as the initial dose.