Food Processing

Food is a comfort that we all enjoy, savory tastes, and unforgettable aromas. Unfortunately, food processing leaves unsavory organics that can recue havoc on plumbing. CoreBiologic offers 100% natural microbial products, formulated from decades of research, to degrade those organics. These proprietary products establish in waterways to keep them operating effectively.

Additionally, CoreBiologic formulates microbials with micronutrients and penetrants to provide a quicker and more robust colonization for increased performance. These products are offered as additives to existing programs or as a fully integrated maintenance routine for a higher level of microbial interaction. The capabilities of these microbes work to fulfill the complex needs of the food industry.


CoreBiologic™ FOG-Pro™ microbes feed on the FOB, degrading them and even penetrate deep into the pores of the grease trap to degrade a wide range of embedded residual matter.